USANA Health Sciences Review - Is USANA A Good Business Opportunity To Be Involved With?

Published: 11th December 2009
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This article is going to lay out some facts about USANA Health Sciences from an independent third party network marketing professional and hopefully shed some light on the strength of the USANA products and business opportunity for those who are considering getting involved.

Dr. Myron Wentz started USANA back in 1992. Dr. Wentz is a brilliant and well respected in the well-science arts - including immunology, microbiology and detection of dis-ease. One thing is clear for anyone who has spent any time looking at USANA, they are focused on product first. This commitment has caused them to have moderate and very consistent growth over the last 17 years.

With 2008 revenue at a massive $429 million, that ranks Usana among the largest MLM companies in the world. Only 11 companies have ever hit that coveted 1 billion mark and USANA is gaining ground each year.. Most people who have used their products would agree that within the MLM arena, USANA's products are among the very best...and they pride themselves on this distinction.

Their products compete in the multi-billion dollar wellness and nutrition industry offering nutritionals, skin care, weight loss, energy & personal care products. There's no argument, USANA makes some incredibly good products.

Now if having a good product were the only ingredient, we would have a very different Top 20 list for largest companies. It's only a small factor, ironically. Look at McDonald's as a key example, they have everything BUT a good product.When it comes to management, here is how I would describe USANA's team - compentent and conservative. They are a good team. They are solid. They are far from MonaVie's 2020 vision (20 billion in 20 years), but they have their own vision and it's working for them. One thing you can bank on...USANA will be around for a very long time and their style may just fit perfectly with yours.

From a compensation standpoint, they are interesting. USANA offers a binary with some matching bonuses and performance bonuses. As I broke it down, the plan is weighted on the front and middle, meaning there is good money for the new guy and for the mid level producer. If you are looking to make over a million in commissions, it's probably not the best place for you.

Why I say that is that you just have to look at the results. As of the end of 2009, Usana has 6 people making over $1 million...and remember they launched in 1992. Compare that to MonaVie who has 34 people making over $1 million a year after not even 5 years. That's 7 times the number of millionaires. That's huge. With fairness to USANA, if you look at the middle numbers (those earning between $1,000 and $5,000 a month, USANA crushes MonaVie. Obviously, most will never get to the huge money, so the question is...who is serving people better? It totally depends on your perspective. And unlike MonaVie who have decreased their compensation plan 9 times in 5 years, USANA has consistently tried to pay their distributors more.

Another cleverthing they offer is the way the pay plan is designed; it incents more product consumption resulting in higher monthly purchase amounts. If people order $100 a month in product, you can earn 10% on the team income. If you personally order $200 of product each month, people will earn 20% in team income. It's really clever. They have lots of great product so hitting the $200/mo is pretty easy, many do more. That all adds up to less customers needed to hit a higher volume. That's a good thing.

The other interesting thing is that USANA is a public company. On the onset, this looks like a good thing. Stability, trust, public acceptance, etc. In reality though, this isn't that great. When it comes to crunch time, who is the company committed to getting their share - the distributors or the shareholders? It's challenging. I will say that for all of the public companies, USANA has done pretty well with this one, but in my opinion, I'd still rather have my company be private.

One of my dear friends is one of USANA's top 25 earners. She's been there for over 6 years and loves the company...but she has a system that she created that is completely based around her personality and what she loves to do. This is probably the most important point of this article.

If you are going to be successful with USANA or any company in MLM, you must build your business in a way that allows your personal strengths to flourish. For example, if you are a little shy or even if you don't like putting yourself so "out there" with people in your cold market, then many of the techniques taught by traditional network marketers won't work very well for you.

I have had success using both strategies. I have enrolled many people in my warm market and I have built through attraction marketing strategies online and through direct response marketing. Here's the bottom line, if you haven't gained the resources, tools and training to use the power of the internet to build your are leaving money on the table.

If the 3-foot rule lights you up, then more power to you. I can't stand it. I am interested in talking to those who want to speak to me and are looking for a business. I want to only speak with people who are actively looking for a business and ready to take action.

What about you?

Keith O'Brien is a master of human potential, training tens of thousands to create powerful results in their lives. He has earned nearly 1.5 million in commissions in MLM and has built global teams both online and offline. With his MLM Online System and he trains people to develop massive online presence through branding and attraction marketing. To learn more about exploding your USANA Health Sciences business or any other MLM visit his system at

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